October Meetup 2016

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by BCG Digital Ventures GmbH (www.bcgdv.com), 06.10.2016 at 19:30

Join us for great talks and fun!

There will be food! Food will be vegan/vegetarian/chicken wraps plus some Sandwiches (well "belegte Brötchen") - of course drinks will also be there.

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Lessons learned from 10 years of programming

I recently realized than I'm a programmer for about 10 years and I reflected on the most valuable lessons learned during this time and wrote them down. I never studied computer science and started when I was still a graphic designer so there were a lot of things I had to figure out on the way.

Then I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my experiences with the rug-b crowd in a talk.

(Note: I can't make it in the first week of august)

How to plan and perform improvements on legacy systems

I've recently read the book "The Mikado Method" from Ola Ellnestam and Daniel Brolund who describe a pragmatic but very effective method to work with legacy code. Inspired by the book we've applied the technique to work on a (yet not published) feature at GitHub.

As I think every developer should know about this technique I'm more than happy to present the core principles of the "Mikado Method".

Testing Ruby gems against multiple versions of everything

Gem authors often need to stay compatible with different dependency sets. E.g. we must support multiple versions of Ruby, various releases of Rails, different types of databases.

In this talk I would show how to test a single codebase against multiple dependency sets, without breaking development flow. I would also show how to use CI services like TravisCI to simplify contributions for developers who are less experienced with complex testing setups.

Duration probably < 20 minutes. I could present this for the October meetup.

Is this something the group would be interested in?

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