April Meetup 2018

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by EDEKA Food Tech Projects (www.foodtech.edeka), 05.04.2018 at 19:30

Attention the real address is Stephanstraße 42, but google messes up the pin then (best google maps location pin)

Within the shopping center MOA Bogen. Right next to a real EDEKA super market! It's right on the corner of Stephanstraße and Birkenstraße

There will be drinks and snacks - no full food.



The basic income experience

What would your decisions look like if money weren’t an issue? What would you do with your life? Where would you work, under what conditions, and what would it feel like? If you are a developer: what kind of code would you write?

I’ll invite you to join me in a thought experiment based on the real experiences of people who received a basic income for a year, as well as my own experiences working at the organization that has been crowdfunding and raffling off money as basic incomes to over 150 people by the time this talk will be given. I will tell you about these people's stories and the “basic income feeling” that we saw emerging in them through this experiment. Besides, I will share with you how the subject of our organization’s work has been influencing the way we work, and the perspective I have been gaining on work in general, money, and a fulfilling life as a developer and human being.

GDPR or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Users

Imagine getting a call from your boss during the late hours of a Sunday night. „Our servers were hacked. Usernames, passwords and credit card data was stolen for at least 500.000 users. This is a nightmare! Didn’t you put up protection against this? Come in immediately to assess the situation and do what’s necessary and whatever it is that can be done right now! The GDPR will be enforced from May 25th 2018. Organizations in non-compliance will face heavy fines. Organizations need your expertise on how to update their software to handle this. I will present the GDPR from the standpoint of a developer. You will see why these rules are actually good and why you should care about them. After constant news of hacks and leaks where user’s data is stolen, it is about time to think about what you as a developer can do differently to protect your user’s data. You will leave this talk with a clear idea on how to improve things. Let’s do this with style!

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