ARiane wants to give this talk

The basic income experience

What would your decisions look like if money weren’t an issue? What would you do with your life? Where would you work, under what conditions, and what would it feel like? If you are a developer: what kind of code would you write?

I’ll invite you to join me in a thought experiment based on the real experiences of people who received a basic income for a year, as well as my own experiences working at the organization that has been crowdfunding and raffling off money as basic incomes to over 150 people by the time this talk will be given. I will tell you about these people's stories and the “basic income feeling” that we saw emerging in them through this experiment. Besides, I will share with you how the subject of our organization’s work has been influencing the way we work, and the perspective I have been gaining on work in general, money, and a fulfilling life as a developer and human being.