Alex Koppel wants to give this talk

Living with Tricky Bugs

Some bugs are easy, and they're great. Some bugs are critical, and they get solved no matter how hard they are. Other bugs seem perfectly evolved to survive in your application: too complicated to solve quickly, too minor to merit extensive work, too uncertain to ignore completely.

Maybe you've dealt with those occasional database or network errors in your background workers, or that weird UI bug you can detect but not reproduce. The occasional connected sensor that's misconfigured and rejects all your commands. Left untended, these kinds of tricky bugs stick around, breeding in your error reporting and masking the signal from more critical issues.

In this talk, you'll learn how categorizing complicated, lingering problems is one of the key steps to dealing with them. The very act of classifying the bugs in our apps often points the way to new, effective solutions to problems that defy easy code fixes.