September Meetup 2017

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by solarisBank AG (, 07.09.2017 at 19:30

Fun and great talks!

There will be Pizza - first come first served as always. Of course there'll also be drinks etc.

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What is (not) Software Craftsmanship?

Companion material (slides, resources...) can be found @


What do we mean by Software Crafting? What not? How and why was it born? By the way, wasn't it called Craftsmanship? Anyway: why does it matter?

After answering all these questions and introducing concepts like deliberate practice and Open Space Technology, we will explore the current status of Software Crafting communities and events across Europe.

State, when state? - answering the (sometimes) unanswerable

Sometimes, during the lifetime of your application, you might like to know answers to questions such as:

  • How many times has the product X been added to the cart but not bought during last year. Or, what products the user Y added to cart but never bought?
  • How much units of value did User Y spend during February last year?
  • What was the exact state prior to crash happening?

While some of these could be answered by looking at system logs, provided those existed and were detailed enough, there is another way you could approach maintaining the state which can all but guarantee you will get questions similar to these answered.

Update, slides are available:

Frozen String Literals for Rubyists Old and New

An introduction into frozen string literals which covers the fundamentals (literals, strings, frozen objects), Ruby's new frozen string literal feature, and the state of the Ruby ecosystem in supporting this feature.

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