May Meetup 2019

hosteado por Tobias Pfeiffer en HeyJobs (, 02.05.2019 a las 19:30

Join us for great talks, nice people, food (there will be finger food) & drinks.

Directions for the little maze of backyards:

To get to the office, please follow the red HeyJobs sign into the 1st backyard, and turn right towards the entrance, which is next to the pizzeria Zola. Please note that we have a very vintage (but charming!) lift, for which you would need to close doors on both sides in order to get it to move. Then, press the 4th floor for a few seconds until it starts moving.



Going peer-to-peer with WebRTC

Did you know that it is possible to create peer-to-peer connections in the browser? That you can stream audio, video, and even arbitrary data between browsers (almost) without a server in between? Enter WebRTC. Web standards are truly amazing!

Deconstructing a hype: What people think is wrong with Ruby? (Balkan ruby preview)

Have you heard the so called “senior engineers” complaining about Ruby recently? attended a conference with a talk titled “Ruby is dead”? Did your team decide to ditch ruby?

I took it upon myself to talk to many people in the ruby sphere and try to figure out where these feelings stem from

Productive Unemployment

There is a big stigma on unemployement and many people feel shame when talking about it. But when I was unemployed for one year it turned out to be the most productive year of my live. I will take you on my journey and talk about the privilege of being able to be unemployed for a year, in order to give unemployement a new image and fight against the shame around it.

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