July Meetup 2018

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by EDEKA Food Tech Projects (www.foodtech.edeka), 05.07.2018 at 19:30

Attention the real address is Stephanstraße 42, but google messes up the pin then (best google maps location pin)

Within the shopping center MOA Bogen. Right next to a real EDEKA super market! It's right on the corner of Stephanstraße and Birkenstraße

There will be drinks and snacks - no full food.



The Art of Technical Decision Making

Making decisions by yourself is hard, let alone with a team. As developers, making good technical decisions in teams is key to our jobs yet we don't explicitly learn how to do that. Let's go through some principles and an example process for dealing with big technical decisions as a team.

Code as data

Imagine that you’re implementing a complex algorithm that encapsulates some business process at your company. The business stakeholders are pleased, but sometimes come to you with questions, such as

  • Why is this calculation result so high?
  • Can you please tweak some factors in the algorithm?

One-off requests like these are probably fine, but occasionally they can be so numerous that you end up spending a significant amount of your time dealing with incoming requests. (You have more interesting stuff to do!) Ideally, business stakeholders themselves would be able to figure out why that calculation result is so high, and would be able to change the factors themselves.

The implementation of the algorithm is in code -- and it is typically not feasible to let business stakeholders handle code. (They have more interesting stuff to do!)

We can move the algorithm’s implementation out of code and into data… and that yields us a bunch of interesting advantages.

Metrics-Based Monitoring with Prometheus

Application metrics are a great source of information. They can be used to for monitoring and alerting. This talk will give an introduction about metrics and how Prometheus provides an open source platform for monitoring.

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Zhuo-Fei Hui

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