January Meetup 2019

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by 8fit (8fit.com), 03.01.2019 at 19:30

Happy new year!

Fun, talks and drinks with everyone!

There will be food aka Pizza!

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Analysing the performance of offline applications (and introducing DDMetrics)

To optimise a program for execution speed, you first find out which parts are running the slowest, and secondly you optimise those slowest parts. This talk focuses on the former.

How do you find the slowest parts? There are a few approaches, which I’ll talk about in this presentation. I’ll also present DDMetrics, a different approach to collecting (performance) metrics of applications, taking ideas from the world of service monitoring.

Using DDD principles as a crutch for large refactorings

It is quite rare to come across the opportunity to start a project and implement DDD straight from the ground up but in general it can provide interesting guidelines and insights for the common large refactor.

We'll do a brief recap/intro about what DDD is or can be and expand on a small case study we encountered.

My message on commit messages

Software is build in a collaborative effort and Git a tool usually involved in this. Commit messages help to communicate the context around a change to other people and our future selves. They play a core role in our collaboration game on building and maintaining things. Depending on how we approach them we can make lives easier or harder...

So it's worth to be aware of them, have another look on how to reason about them and collect some tips for dealing with them.

I this talk I want to talk about commit messages and give some ideas and tips for reasoning about them and working with them.

Attendees: (35)


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