February Meetup 2019

hosteado por Tobias Pfeiffer en Dalia Research GmbH (daliaresearch.com), 07.02.2019 a las 19:30

Join us for great presentations and nice people.

There will be food (as usual first come first served):

  • Eggplant puree with pita bread in a glass
  • Savory puff pastry sticks filled with feta cheese
  • Humus with cucumbers & carrots in a glass
  • Mini beef boulettes
  • Chicken satay skewers

(German, I just sent the German through google translate, because good names are hard):

  • Auberginen Püree mit Pita Brot im Gläschen
  • Herzhafte Blätterteig-Stangen gefüllt mit Feta Käse
  • Humus mit Gurken & Karotten im Gläschen
  • Mini Rinderbouletten
  • Chicken-Saté-Spieße

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Taming Distributed Systems with Code

Writing code that interfaces with a distributed system is not trivial but we can usually depend on libraries to encapsulate the gory details. Nevertheless, with more web applications employing service-oriented architectures, web developers must also know how to talk to distributed technologies and be able to handle errors and failures appropriately.

This talk will explore common errors and failures so you are better able to understand and predict the behavior of your distributed systems. It will arm you with algorithms and testing strategies so you can tame your services and build robust applications.

The Imposter Syndrome

"I have no idea what I'm doing and it's only a matter of time before everyone figures that out. If only I was as good as all the other developers I work with..."

The Imposter Syndrome is something that affects many developers regardless of years of experience, but it's not something people talk much about (apart from anonymous posts on Hacker News - then everyone's an expert).

I'd like to give a (non-technical) talk about it.

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