December Meetup 2013

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by bitcrowd (, 05.12.2013 at 19:30

Our last meetup before christmas! Join us, enjoy great talks and have fun!

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Being Matz for a day

Let's be Matz for a day and explore two powerful yet unorthodox specializations of Ruby black magic:

  • Creating our own AST transformations to bend the syntax of Ruby to our wicked will.
  • JIT-compiling Ruby code with LLVM at runtime.

Let's play God. What could possibly go wrong?


I would love to introduce you to the open source NoSQL database ArangoDB :) I'm part of the Core Team and among other things work on the Ruby driver and the ORM for Ruby (with a focus on Rails): I'd like to show those gems as well :)

ArangoDB is an open source NoSQL database which is not narrow-mindedly focused on horizontal scalability. Instead, ArangoDB aims to offer developers great flexibility and ease-of-use. The database is suitable for use cases which are difficult to implement with most traditional relational databases and also many of the other NoSQL databases.

The Art of Getting What You Want

When you're programming every day, developing soft skills tends to get put on the back burner. I would like to share part of what I've learned over the past five years of brute-forcing my way through learning how to negotiate more effectively, and in doing so, show how better negotiation skills can make a massive difference in the life of J. Random Developer.

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