Søren Houen wants to give this talk

Through the fire, the features and the flames

This is a mixed talk on work processes, Rails and career. The main topics are:

  • Work process and working well in a team. Refactoring the way we work.
  • Collaboration with Business as a developer
  • Career advice and experiences freelancing.

Slides: http://bit.ly/2mrQu8Y

About me: I have worked with Ruby since 2011, as Ruby developer, team lead, one-man-startup-dev-army for 17 business people, and been freelancing since the end of 2015. I hope to be able to give some interesting perspectives.

Update: Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I had to drop the "What I've seen work and not work well in Rails over the years and in different companies" part. There simply is not enough time, and the talk is already quite mixed. It will need to be the topic of a different talk instead.