lislis wants to give this talk

The Programmer's Glossary

Ever noticed how many (seemingly simple) idioms exist in the world of code-writing that explain (fairly complex) concepts/ situations/ problems?
On one hand it's practical because you save time explaining things because there is already a word or expression for it.
On the other hand it can cause confusion because not everybody might be familiar with the terms (think beginners or developers from other language communities).
I want to show you my top 10 (maybe more?) of these expressions, bundled up in The Programmer's Glossary. What is behind these expressions? What's their backstory? Do they have anything to do with computer at all? Let's find out!
This is a more or less entertaining talk with (maybe) audience involvement.

Fun Fact: I first wanted to title this talk 'The Programmer's Zoo' because a lot of expressions involve animals. But not all of them :sad_panda:

Note: I can give this November 2016 at the earliest.