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Ruby User Group Berlin

Taming memory: performance-tuning a (Crystal) application

this Topic will be presented by Denis Defreyne

at December Meetup 2015, hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer

When developing a game, you need to pay attention to performance. After all, a game needs to run fast, and have a predictable frame rate, and stuttering will throw people off.

I’ve had performance issues even in Crystal, a fast, compiled, statically-typed language with a syntax inspired by Ruby. As it turns out, the way a program handles memory can have a huge impact on performance. Luckily, Crystal gives a great deal of control over how this can be done. It’s also possible to use familiar tools with Crystal to debug issues and identify bottlenecks.

In this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learnt about memory and performance tuning, and give an introduction to several powerful tools for identifying performance issues.

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