jak4 wants to give this talk

MobileApp Development with HTML/CSS/JS using RoR, Sinatra, Phonegap, Ripple, GruntJS and Coffeescript (HAML)

I'd like to talk about my development setup for developing a non native cross platform mobile application.

The talk would basically be about how to setup a development environment that allows you to use some (all) the goodies from the RoR-World (here: coffeescript and haml) and minimize your exposure the the different OS-Emulators as much as possible, because the development will happen to 95 % within your browser.

There are resources scattered around the net which deal with this kind of setup, but I haven't come across one that integrates it all.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19XCt5nOLVtn30Acp5NrNQN4FPgMW4QLRxn3CxTRHvRM/edit?usp=sharing