Hany Elfouly wants to give this talk

Mastering the DX Framework: A Journey from DORA to SPACE and Beyond for Engineering Organization Maturity

The talk is about a journey through the Developer Experience and the evolution of software development methodologies, as we explore the shift from DORA’s performance-driven approach, with its key metrics, to the comprehensive and human-centric SPACE framework. Delve into the cutting-edge Developer Experience (DX) research an actionable framework for understanding and Improving Developer Experience, designed to help teams understand and improve their development processes.

Learn about the essential matrices used to measure and enhance your team’s software delivery performance, and the crucial role the right tools play in fostering collaboration and automation. Understand how these paradigms converge to form the modern concept of Developer Experience (DX), empowering teams to deliver high-quality software with increased speed, collaboration, and satisfaction.

Follow three practical steps to elevate your team’s DX:

  • Identify opportunities by engaging with developers

  • Select 1-2 targeted goals

  • Choose metrics to track the progress of those goals, and continuously iterate

Explore the role of engineering organization maturity in maximizing the benefits of these frameworks, and how to assess and elevate your team’s capabilities. This talk promises valuable insights and practical tips on adapting these principles to enhance your development processes, select the right tools, and unlock your team’s full potential while advancing your engineering organization’s maturity.