Florian Gilcher wants to give this talk

Mapping the Ruby world, an exercise in biased Cartography

Just before New Years, the last so called "Ruby Drama" hit: Brian Shirai will stop developing RubySpec, in the process flinging a lot of mud at the MRI developers for not supporting him. The JRuby development team reacted quickly and defended, while Ryan Davis and some others...

Wait. WHAT?

If you haven't been in the Ruby community for the last couple of years, it's incredibly hard to even keep track of all the people. All that isn't made easier by the extremely distributed nature of the Ruby community.

This must be very confusing even to moderate developers and I think a short mapping and introduction is in order. These people are, after all, those deciding and implementing our future. Knowing their historic roles is important in understanding the sentiments happening here.

Hopefully as beginner-friendly as it can be.