Pere Urbón-Bayes wants to give this talk

Easy hadoop scheduling with JRuby and Sinatra

During the development of our internal hadoop reporting engine we encounter with the need of an easy to deal with scheduler, so we ask for help to our beloved Ruby friends. In this talk we aim to show, and discuss, how easy is to create a simple hadoop scheduler thanks to JRuby, Sinatra, Neo4j and some other gems.

Time (aprox): 20 minutes -/+ 5 minutes for questions.

  • Written and directed by: Pere Urbon-Bayes and Achim Friedland.
  • Producers: Belectric IT Solution Gmbh.
  • Cast:
  • Ruby as The programing language.
  • JRuby as The virtual machine.
  • Sinatra as The web framework.
  • Hadoop as The data processing framework.
  • PIG as The scripting language.
  • Design effects:
  • Apache PDFBox as The PDF craftsman.
  • JFreeChart as The Charting director. ---

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