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Ruby User Group Berlin

My introduction to the group

Dan would love to hear somebody talking about this topic

No event date yet

I'd like to learn more about threads, processes, and inter-process communication. I've heard about the topic of threads in two places. First, I'm a cognitive science student, and I've seen them used in in Brain Computer Interfaces. Second, I like making snippets of music with Sonic Pi, which (I think) uses Ruby syntax in the Mac GUI. So, I wanted to propose a topic -- "Threads, Processes, and Inter-process Communication". I could give the talk, but I'm not sure I'm the right person for the job since I'm new to the topic. What might be better is if there's someone in the group that has intimate knowledge of the topic AND sonic pi, and would like to talk about it. If there's no one around, then I would like to nominate myself to find the right person for the talk. You can email me at to talk more. Otherwise, I will see you at the next meeting! Whatever the topic is!